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Transferring Assets

For new wealth advisory clients ready to invest with Owens Financial Group, the first step is to create an account with our custodian, Fidelity. Rest assured, our customer service team will aid you in this simple online process.

Once this account has been set up, your assets can then transfer seamlessly. From start to finish, the entire process is typically 5-7 business days. However, for some assets, depending on the type of security, it may take up to several weeks. Our team at Owens Financial Group will keep you up to date as your transfer progresses.

Typically, we do not hold securities in our portfolios that do not align with the Market Guard® investment strategy. However, we understand many of our clients may have securities that would realize a taxable gain if sold. If an exception can be made, Owens Finanical Group will hold those positions aside inside their portfolio. However, if it becomes too cumbersome to manage those positions, Owens Financial Group reserves the right to ask that those positions be moved to a separate account.

Withdrawing Assets

Clients may choose to withdraw money from a managed account at any time, either by automatic cash transfer or by mailing a traditional paper check. Once a bank link has been established, automatic cash transfers can move money electronically from your Fidelity account directly to your checking account. This process takes between 24–72 hours, and the transfer is completed at no cost through Fidelity.

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