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Fidelity Statements and Reports

Fidelity provides the custodial services for our client wealth advisory accounts. At least quarterly, our clients can expect to receive a Fidelity statement detailing the current positions and valuations to each client. In addition, trade confirmations are sent by Fidelity whenever trades are conducted in an account. At the end of each year, wealth management clients will receive a 1099 from Fidelity for any reportable or taxable event. The Fidelity website offers an array of daily print-on-demand reports that you may download at any time. Wealth advisory clients may elect to receive Fidelity statements and reports electronically rather than by standard mail, which is highly encouraged in order to reduce paper waste.

Owens Financial Group Reports

Each quarter, wealth advisory clients will receive a Quarterly Performance Report (QPR) from Owens Financial Group which provides the following information:

  • An account valuation with unrealized gains and losses.

  • A billing statement demonstrating the calculation of our quarterly management fee.

  • A performance report representing last quarter’s performance as well as since-inception performance.

Our clients are offered updated ADV Forms, Privacy Statements, and a Code of Ethics annually to comply with SEC requirements. These SEC-required items will also be available by regular mail upon request.

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