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Am I involved in the day-to-day portfolio decisions? 

Each portfolio follows a predetermined investment strategy. The portfolio you chose will largely be based on your risk tolerance, time horizon, and current financial situation. You are hiring Owens Financial Group to manage your accounts day-to-day according to this plan.

How will I know a trade has occured in my account? 

Fidelity will notify you by mail or email each time Owens Financial Group makes a trade in your account. All trades are conducted in accordance with your written Investment Policy Statement. You do not need to contact anyone when you see a trade has been made. Please contact us if you have a question about a trade.

How do you select one fund over another? 

No two indices are created equal, and no two index funds or ETFs are managed in the same way. We analyze the underlying structure and range of each fund to find the ones that best represent each asset class in a portfolio. We may also look at other factors, such as volume, when making any portfolio decisions.

Do you publish the past performance of your strategies? 

We adhere to strict performance reporting standards. Each client receives a personal quarterly performance report displaying the performance in each of their managed accounts.

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