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Can anyone get an investment proposal? 

We encourage anyone who is seriously considering hiring a portfolio manager to request an investment proposal so long as they are financially qualified investors. However, we reserve the right to not write a proposal (or to withdraw a proposal) if we feel a person is not financially qualified or committed to a long-term relationship with our company or if that person does not agree with the guiding principles of our firm.

Will you give me advice on all of my assetts even if you are not managing them? 

We only advise and manage assets that are set aside in specific Fidelity accounts and placed under our care. We will consider all of your household assets and accounts when building your financial plan. We may offer advice on policies or accounts not initiated by us, if that falls under our review.

Will you accept stock, bond, and mutual funds that I transfer in? 

We will accept securities into an account, but most will not be retained unless they are the same securities that we used in your investment proposal. Our responsibility is to manage your portfolio to the best of our ability. That includes selecting and monitoring all securities held in your account.

What do I do if I have mutual funds or other investments that I want to keep? 

You may hold investments aside inside your portfolio. However, if the customization of your portfolio becomes too cumbersome, Owens Financial Group may ask that you move that to a separate account.

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