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What Custodian does Owens Financial Group use?

At Owens Financial Group, we use Fidelity, Inc. as the custodian and licensed broker-dealer. Owens Financial Group has selected Fidelity as custodian because of our trust level in their ability and commitment to client service, low trading cost, and dedication to operational efficiency.

Is Owens Financial Group affiliated with Fidelity? 

No. Owens Financial Group is not affiliated with Fidelity or their parent company, nor are we compensated by that company in any way through fees, commission, or incentives. Fidelity does provide our firm with the necessary software and data downloads that allow our portfolio management system to work efficiently with Fidelity's trading and billing systems. This software is available to all investment advisors affiliated with Fidelity.

Do I have to go to a Fidelity office to open an account? 

No. You will sign Fidelity paperwork through an online account registration process with your Owens Financial Group representative to open an account, eliminating the need to visit a Fidelity office. However, if there is a Fidelity office nearby, you may go there to deposit checks rather than mailing money to Fidelity.

Will I have internet access to my account? 

Yes. You may access your account(s) with Owens Financial Group 24 hours per day, 7 days per week through our client login section. The client login section will display a summary of all of your accounts with us, including your current portfolio value, allocation, and quarterly performance. For access to more detailed account information, such as account activity and year-end tax reports, clients can access everything through Fidelity’s login.

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